Volume No. :   4

Issue No. :  3

Year :  2014

ISSN Print :  2231-1149

ISSN Online :  2349-2996


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A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Sexual Function among Women Undergone Hysterectomy

Address:   K. Thilagavathi
Ph.D. Scholar in National Consortium for Ph.D. Nursing, Bangalore, India
*Corresponding Author

Background: Reproductive organs play a major role in gender identification. Uterus is a symbolic organ and core for womanhood. Hysterectomy is a second most surgery done in women caesarean section being the first. Objectives: 1. To assess the level of sexual function scores among samples at preoperative period and at 4 months after surgery.2. To compare the Sexual function scores at preoperative period and 4 months after surgery within samples.3. To find association between level of sexual function scores among samples in the preoperative period with selected demographic variables (Age, Duration of Complaints, Diagnosis and type of surgery) Design: Quantitative Descriptive Design. Population: Population for the study consisted of women who undergo abdominal/vaginal hysterectomy. Study setting: The study was conducted in the Gynecological wards of Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical college Hospital, Salem. Sampling Technique and Sample size: Non probability convenient sampling technique was used to select the 100 samples. Data collection Tools: Two tools were used to collect the data namely proforma for demographic data and Sexual Function Questionnaire. Ethical Consideration: Ethical clearance certificate from IERB was obtained. Formal permission was got from hospital authorities before starting the study. Informed written consent was obtained from samples before data collection after explaining the nature and objectives of the study. Results: As compared to Preoperative period, majority of them had Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and only few samples had normal sexual function at 4 months after surgery. Paired t test results revealed a statistically highly significant difference (p ? 0.001) on different domains in sexual function namely Desire, Arousal (Sensation), Arousal (Lubrication) Arousal (Cognition), Orgasm, pain and Enjoyment between preoperative period and 4 months after surgery. There was statistically significant association (p?0.05) found between different domains of sexual function and age group of samples. Conclusion: Above study findings highlights the significant changes in sexual function scores before and after hysterectomy.
Total abdominal hysterectomy, Vaginal hysterectomy, Sexual Function, Female sexual Dysfunction (FSD), Bilateral Salphingo oophorectomy (BSO)
K. Thilagavathi. A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Sexual Function among Women Undergone Hysterectomy. Asian J. Nur. Edu. & Research 4(3): July- Sept., 2014; Page 267-272
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