Author(s): Senthil Kavitha R.


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Address: Prof. Senthil Kavitha R.
Vice Principal, Garden City College of Nursing, 16KM, Old madras Road, Vidya Nagar, Bangalore-36
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 4,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2014

Teaching Methods are the means or ways that we use to teach material to our students. Our choice of methods depends on what we want to teach, who we are teaching and the level of competence expected. When teaching knowledge, we can use a variety of methods, with the goal of getting the learner to actively engage in learning the material. The lecture method can be very effective when used in conjunction with active learning and teaching strategies. An effective lecture requires both extensive research and preparation and effective delivery skills to maintain student’s attention and motivation. It may fail to promote active learning unless other teaching strategies are incorporated into lecturer. Integrated Learning Systems (ILS) is computer-based systems for the delivery of curriculum material, via an individualized programme of study. Each pupil has an individualized learning programme. If they perform well, they can make rapid progress onto higher levels of difficulty. Though it requires experts on instruction, preparation is difficult. It enables student to work at his own pace. The study was taken with the aim to find the efficacy of integrated learning system Vs Lecturing method on the burns topic for nursing students at selected college, Bangalore with the objectives of to assess the knowledge level of two different methods in Group I and Group II and to compare the mean difference between lecture and ILS method with regard to students’ knowledge level in Group I and Group II. Hypothesis: There will be a difference between lecture and ILS methods with regard to students’ knowledge level achievement in Group I and Group II. Research Approach and Design: Evaluative approach was selected. Factorial design was adopted. The population consisted of undergraduate nursing student in a selected nursing college. By lottery method randomly samples were identified for each method of teaching. Tool: structured knowledge questionnaire related to burns. This consisted of 50 multiple choice questions. Data Analysis; The collected data were analyzed and organized according to the objectives of the study by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results : Pre test results show that majority 87% of them in both groups had inadequate knowledge; remaining 13% had moderate knowledge in lecture method, similarly in integrated method. 80% of them were in inadequate knowledge and 20% in moderate knowledge. It shows that existing knowledge for both the groups were same. In ILS method, post test results shows that, majority of them 93% had attained adequate knowledge level, rest 7% were in moderate level of knowledge and no one was there in inadequate knowledge and also in all the aspects of burns unpaired t value indicates that there is a significant difference at p>0.05level in pre and post mean scores of lecture and ILS method. Conclusion: Study concluded that though t value is significant for both the groups ILS method group scored high value than lecture method group.

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Senthil Kavitha R.. To find the Efficacy of Integrated Learning System Vs Lecturing Method on the Burns Topic for Nursing Students at Selected College, Bangalore. Asian J. Nur. Edu. & Research 4(1): Jan.-March 2014; Page 96-100.

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